1. Gosh church was so good !
    1st svc /

    What am I fighting for ?
    I will fight for my COVENANT AND IN HIM RIGHTS!
    I will live to hear WELL done from Jesus not from people !

    “ if I’m more concerned with being accepted by people than I am pleading God, I’ll have neither !”

    Pleasing people is a TRAP!
    I stand before an audience of one! I am led by him for him thru him! I stand with Jesus! I look to JESUS! I’m NOTHING without JESUS!!!


  2. Jumpstart: If Jesus is a door, then He is access. He is access while he is simultaneously a shepherd.

    There are ways that may seem right to man, but those ways end in death (Proverbs 14:12)
    Don’t be deceived, know the voices you follow. Don’t give place to your logic, emotions or the world.

    Attending is not following – You must be intentional
    Don’t neglect the right information.
    If you hear it and don’t do it, you’ve neglected it even if you believe it.
    Pride is either of arrogance or shame

    First Service: Don’t say you believe something if you don’t do what you say you believe.
    Whatever opposes the Word is a lie. Period.
    Believing and doing need to be tied together. Matthew 16:19 – what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven; what is loosed on earth is loosed in Heaven.
    The key isn’t the issue, it’s the key holder.
    When we imitate the Word, the Word is produced in our lives!


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