1. I’m always so thankful for the truth of Gods Word! Church was so good today! Here are my faves! Jumpstart/ Moments! Obedience happens one moment at a time. A faithful life is built from a life of faithful moments ! I really like this from Pastor Charity. Every day I’m reminded without Faith it is impossible to please God. I desire to please Him more than anything else. In these moments that I have been given I will build my life on faith In Him alone! I will be accountable for the Moments that are tied to my calling and to reflect that. I will not miss the Moment , but obey right away! To delay obedience is disobedience! Thank you Pastor Charity! ♥️ 2nd/ There is only one truth, anything to the contrary is a lie. I will stay free in my consistency with my relationship with God and time with Him. The church needs to know they can have freedom if they want it, with no compromise about our convictions.We are the glorious church, the Bride of Christ. These are our Greatest days!!! Thanks Pastor Dean this was so good ! 🙌🙌🙌


  2. My favorite part of first service was when Pastor Dean said it’s not about perfection but setting a standard of persistence. I believe that’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been endeavoring to make changes and discipline myself in my prayer times and times of speaking in tongues and there are times when I get frustrated with myself because I miss a day or I don’t get to spend as much time as I like and I needed to hear that it is not about a perfect time it’s about being persistent every single day and to keep going day after day!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️


  3. Jumpstart {Moments}{Mysteries}{Rhythm}
    If we don’t even see Jesus or acknowledge what he’s done for us, how are we supposed to conform to his image?
    You build a faithful life one moment at a time. Each faithful moment is a building block.
    You master the moments by first, establishing who your master is.
    If you aren’t good at serving, you will never be successful at life.
    All of your moments are tied to seasons, and seasons change. Be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit right away, don’t miss your calling by disobedience.

    First Service {Nothing But The Truth}
    The truth is received, and activated by your faith.
    Live by speaking and doing the word {Romans 1:17}
    If you don’t know who you are and what belongs to you, you won’t be able to do what you’re capable of doing.
    Don’t give place to the devil in any area. Righteous anger is bolt and confident – it is Godly, and used only to magnify the Word.
    Freedom and truth go hand and hand and who you receive the truth from should be more prominent in your life than all the lies and deceit you’re exposed to elsewhere.
    Don’t quit. The only way you lose is if you quit, and the truth will always overcome lies.


  4. Church was So good! Here are some of by highs!

    Jumpstart- I like when PC said PRACTICE.. you’ll be we get better unless you practice. I WILL REFUSE AN ATTITUDE OF ITS GOOD ENOUGH.. What we can’t make happen all night, he can make happen in a moment! GOSHH THAT RIGHT THERE WAS woah!!!!! I refuse idleness but will progress. Obedience happens one moment at a time, disobedience does too! A FAITHFUL LIFE IS BUILT FOR A LIFETIME OF FAITHFUL MOMENTS. I will never be good at life unless I’m serving! WE DO NOT GO BY FEELINGS… YOU STICK WITH HIM.. when PC said this is was a major exhale to me! I stick with Him… IM HIS CHILD & he loves me…. I just wrote- GIVE IT UP PATRICIA, LET IT ALL GO- ALL OF IT & YIELD TO HIM!!!

    2nd service- baby dedication was so so intentional! I’m so grateful for intentional pastors who love Love us! GOD IS ALWAYS for us! People need the truth! Be conscious of What Gods done for me!!! Nothing the world has to offer will bring freedom. One way to get free is to Let Go and lay ahold of Him! FOCUSED CORRECTLY!!! John 16:33


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