August Book of the Month

Faith Opens the Door to the Supernatural

Mark Hankins

Grace is God’s grip on you; faith is your grip on God. God’s grip on you is greater than your grip on Him! In this book you will learn how believing and speaking opens the door to the supernatural in your life. God has given every believer a measure of overcoming faith. The spirit of faith will take the victim out of your voice and put victory in your voice. Your faith will never rise above the level of your confession. So get a grip on your lip! The moment you act on the Word of God, God makes Himself responsible for your results. The simplest definition of faith is to act like the Bible is true. Faith is motion activated. Faith is motion activated. You are the believer and God is the performer.

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  1. This book is soo great!!!

    Chapter 1//Faith is motion activated. “Believe” is a verb; faith that gets results must be translated to action. Faith will not move anything until it moves you; the first thing it moves is your mouth!!

    Chapter 2//Faith is our response to grace. Grace reveals who I am in Christ.

    Chapter 3//”My soul, wait thou only on God; for my expectation is from Him. Psalm 62:5
    Dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit. Joy is the bridge between believing and receiving.

    Chapter 4//Follow the instructions: 1. She said 2. She acted. She did. 3. She received it 4. She told it. When you rejoice you are testifying that it is done; and the victory is won. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom; He gave us Jesus, how much more would He give us all things!!

    Chapter 5//The simplest definition of faith is to act like the Bible is true. Familiarity limits power. Unbelief is the thief of God’s best blessings. Your faith cannot go beyond your knowledge of God’s Word. The second kind of unbelief comes as the result of disobedience, stubbornness, and lack of persuasion to act on God’s Word. Speaking is the initial act of faith.

    Chapter 6//Your voice is the address in the realm of the Spirit. Faith is voice-activated. The speech center exercises dominion. Your words and your confessions are what shape and determine who you are and what you will become.

    Chapter 7//Continual praise will bring continual victory!

    Chapter 8//Your faith will never rise above the level of your confession A true Christian does not just practice faith on the weekends, but lives it daily. Your faith lives and flourishes as your mouth is continually filled with praise.Your success and usefulness in this world is measured by your confession and the tenacity with which you hold fast your confession.

    Chapter 9//Praise is vocal! As long as you have a voice there is no prison that can hold you!! You cannot be a staggernot.

    Chapter 10//Faith can be enriched by praying in the language of the Holy Spirit.

    Chapter 11//Its not enough to just know the “Word” of God, you must also know the “God” of the Word. Abraham was God-conscious…I am God-conscious! They try to believe without spending time with Him.

    Chapter 12//This is how a Christian is to live life. We are to live by faith–by looking into the Word o God and fixing our eyes on Jesus. As believers, we are not trusting our feelings but following the guidance of the Spirit of God. Believing means you see with the eyes of your heart. By meditating on redemption you can absorb the power in it. A steadfast gaze on Jesus will remove all doubt and fear.

    Chapter 13//When you get one of God’s thoughts in your mind, it will explode your old ways of thinking. “It seems there is an invisible reservoir of abundance that can be tapped by obeying certain spiritual laws.” Norman Vincent Peale.
    “Never talk lack if you want God’s blessing in your life.” Always say the money will come and the Lord is my shepherd. If we complain and talk lack, we are accusing God of child abuse. Always say that my Father takes care of me in grand style. God wants to bless you so much that He can use you as advertisement of how good He treats His children.

    Chapter 14//The Word will work for you when you get thrilled with it!–Kenneth E Hagin
    Meditation is relationship with the Word of God. Through meditation, the Word become engrafted in you and is able to save or restore your soul, which is your mind, will, and emotions. When a Christian meditates on who they are in Christ and allows the Holy Spirit to clothe them with power from Heaven, they are putting on or wearing Christ. The Word must be digested for faith to come. When you meditate, the Word gets in your eyes, your ears, your mouth and heart.

    Chapter 15//The Spirit of faith will take the victim out of your voice and put victory in your voice. Paul’s faith was not fragile.

    Chapter 16//You can even plead the blood of Jesus over your feelings.

    Chapter 17//Sin’s dominion has been broken.
    “Faith is largely dependent on knowledge. If knowledge of what the blood can accomplish is not accurate, then faith expects little, and the more powerful effect of the blood are limited. Feeble ideas of its power prevent the deeper and more perfect manifestations of its effects.” Andrew Murray



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