Sunday, August 16

Service was sooo good today!! Soooo thankful for the TRUTH!!! What was your favorite part of service?!

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  1. Church was so good today as always! Here are my highs! Jumpstart/ I liked what Pastor Charity said! Because He is the same His power and provision supersedes every season! Growth starts with me, or I will have no confidence to continue! I will manage what I do with yesterday’s victory, but will steward how I keep that victory in my life! I refuse to be complacent ,it only brings discouragement and takes courage out of me! I really liked this: Steward is a “Ridiculous Accountability!!!“What should be the first thing on my list starting every single day Is Faith and Love! Thank you Pastor Charity this blessed me so much! ♥️ 2nd/ Offering/ God cannot bless you financially unless you sow seed, He wants to get everything to you not take anything from you! People have no idea how good God is! I will be willing to be corrected so I will have God’s direction for my life! Thanks Pastor Dean !😊🙌🙌🙌


  2. JS/The contrast between Managing and Stewardship was eye opening. As I am a Steward of what the Father has placed in my hands or what I have committed to do for others taking Ownership is key.

    PD 2/ No Correction No Direction! Oh you will have direction alright but it may give you years of frustration and life you wish you could go back in time and change. Correction is need for the right Direction. Don’t wait just make the change and keep moving.


  3. Jumpstart: Because He is the same, his power and provision supersede every season – Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn’t change regardless of the season. (Hebrews 13:6)
    We are not to take our eyes off the Kingdom and it will make it easier to increase.
    If we get complacent, we will get discouraged.
    Leaders have to do more than manage. Managing is what you do with yesterday’s victory.
    If we justify our sins we will never be confident enough to grow.
    Don’t “plan” your future – Pray in the Holy Spirit. He is not going to meet you at your carnality, we must do life on His terms.

    NBT First Service: God desires your cup to run over! However, he can’t give you a drop without any seed to work with.
    There is no such thing as too much truth. You can’t get too much truth, and when you get it you have to put it to work. Faith without works is dead (James 2:26)
    The story of Abraham and Isaac never fails to produce revelation. It shows #1 – What real faith looks like, and #2 – How really faithful the Father is. If he calls you to do it, he’s going to provide the provision Himself for it to get done.
    The promises of God are visible. (Hebrews 6:12)
    Don’t set your goals for things that are just going to burn.
    Speak, and then believe what you confessed. The doing confirms the speaking.
    The Word is alive – Matthew 4:4) RHEMA / The Word is profitable (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
    Faith in the Word produces the best!


  4. Jump Start// dominion must be exercised. Stewardship is exercising dominion.
    Comfortable and complacent go together. Don’t allow myself to become comfortable in any area of my life. Leaders have to do more than manage. Manage is about you, stewardship is we. I am not my own, and when I am stewarding I am taking ground. Praying in the Holy Spirit is so vitally important to every aspect of my life. I roll the care over on Him then pray in the Holy Spirit.

    Service Highs// God doesn’t recognize what He doesn’t author.
    God doesn’t criticize…speaking of 2 Timothy 3:16-17…His Word brings conviction and correction but He’s not critical.
    Mark 2…faith is visible and the Holy Spirit said to me so is fear. You release faith and you can also release fear.


  5. Jumpstart- Have ridiculous accountability!!! Keep stretching,
    keep growing! Methods should be downloaded as mysteries… otherwise your just doing your own thing!
    Do your own thing? Or do it his way? Consecrated relationship with Him!! Casting, rolling it over on Him…. don’t plan PRAY IN THE HS! He is my prince of peace… he will not meet me at my stress…. at my disobedience.. at my lazy… or at my carnality….. GO FORWARD PATRICIA!!!!!!!

    2nd Service- Nothing missing nothing broken – MORE CONFIDENT!!!! STRONGER… Continuing to move forward! DO WHAT HE ASKS YOU TO DO, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU PATRICIA! Trust God! BELIEVE GOD! One step at a time!

    3rd- keep your eyes and heart on the Word of God! GOD ALWAYS WANTS YOU TO BE GROWING! ONLY PLEASE GOD- because of what he’s already done for me! SO GRATEFUL! God loves us! DO HIM FIRST & he’ll multiply your time! PATIENT AS YOU GROW! Jesus bore it all! Faith goes to I believe, to I see! Don’t please man, if there’s a check in your heart Just do it!


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