1. Church was AMAZING!! I am so grateful for the TRUTH!
    Here are some of my highs from 1st service!
    **I really like Psalm 37:1-6! I wrote in my notes… “Trust–Dwell–Delight–Commit–Trust! These are the steps you must follow in order to receive His direction every step of the way!!”
    **My will can and WILL come in line with the will of God!! Just like Jesus’ did!
    **If i truly believe the Word is TRUE, how can i deliver less to those around me?! Be BOLD and SHARE what you have received!!


  2. Church was so good today!!

    ****We can’t plan we have to pray!****

    This was so good to me it really marked me. In this current season I have found myself being 3 steps ahead. The Holy Spirit literally told me BRO! you have to hear me on this first step because you’re making plans YOUR plans, not led plans!

    Third Service
    **You can’t say I believe and then don’t.
    **I can’t promote Him and NOT trust Him!
    **Faith in God means you believe and do PERIOD.

    How many ways is the American church like the Israelites. They sought their own ways, their own solutions, never satisfied, they ignored all that God had already done for them! They wanted more and more, but yet still lived in fear to take what was rightfully their’s! I can find myself judging everything about this story but the Holy Spirit made it clear to me today, you are in the same mindset.

    Hebrews 11:6 TPT is so good to me.
    “Without faith living inside of us it would be impossible to please God….”


    Powerful words!! Man if the enemy can keep us in a state of unbelief about the Truth of who we are in Him we will stay defeated. Man I just want to kick him in his face sometimes. The Truth (The Word) is my defense keeping the word in my mouth every single time he shows up will undoubtedly be the supernatural kick to his throat.

    “What he had called me to do he will and has equipped me to do”

    “Father help me with our Relationship”

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  4. Dang, Craig… Throat and face kicks? Someone woke up feisty this morning.

    Jumpstart: Moments*Mysteries*Rhythm
    When the Word is your everything, it will be your everything. Make it personal
    How you receive Him mirrors how you receive things and people around you. Things you can’t see reflect the things you can see.
    The best way to prepare for your future is not to plan, but to pray 🙂
    Give yourself up to the gifts, be connected and be a connector – Be followable.
    Without a consistent life of intentional intercession, you aren’t being led by the Holy Spirit.

    NBT First Service:
    The only soil that will produce, is the good soil. Be a 25%er
    The high way is truth’s highway. We can’t be thin skinned and weak.
    The Kingdom is not about natural things.
    Trust in the Lord and feed on His faithfulness. God will take care of business if you move out of the way and let Him.
    Anyone can be good when there is no pressure, but how do you react when it heats up?
    The enemy of truth is unbelief. Jesus marvels at unbelief. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.


  5. Awesome services Sunday!!! This Sunday was all about agreement for me! In PC’s Jumpstart lesson my highs were when she spoke about how the Holy Spirit brings things to you internally not externally! She said once these things are downloaded in our spirit then we move forward one step at a time! There was confirmation in this lesson which encouraged and challenged me to continue standing on the word of God and I do hear Him and I (in and of myself) am not making this stuff up! It is the Holy Spirit and He is leading me one step at a time! First service I received revelation on how powerful agreement is and destructive unbelief is! It is not just agreement with my husband, church, or even myself, but being in one mind and in one accord with my Father God. Saying what he says and agreeing with what He says across the board! If I am saying something different I am out of line and in unbelief! This message definitely challenged me to not depend on my experiences or things I have seen, but to let the Word only be the foundation of my belief system! Let God be true and every man (world) a liar! Glory to God!


  6. Jumpstart was so good! What really stood out to me is that just because someone else is doing something (like starting a business, getting a new car) that does NOT mean I should feel like I need to do it too or do more in the natural. If the Holy Spirit wants me to do something He will let me know. I cannot let those thoughts of comparison be bigger than HIS word! Us being extra productive in the natural does not translate into being productive in the spiritual. Our relationship with The Father and other’s relationship with The Father needs to be what stands out the MOST and that should be what we want to follow.


  7. Awesome faith teaching!!! 🙌🏻
    Some of my favs from service were…
    I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony!
    When we believe we will do what we say we truly believe!
    An unbelieving heart = evil
    Basically… NOT believing the Word will keep me from everything Jesus paid for!


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