1. Church was so good today, I’m so thankful for the truth of the Word! Here are my highs: Jumpstart/ Moments-You can’t maintain a momentum of faith if you don’t do your part.Every single moment matters. I will put my flesh in its place, I’m in charge to crucify it daily. To backslide is one step at a time. I can’t allow carnality to rule me. I loved this when PC said, He made the sacrifice for me with no commitment , This causes me to love Him more, to be tender and soft with intimacy with Him! I want Him to have my moments!!!!! Thank you PC ♥️ 2nd/ We will not be known as a dead church. His Spirit is in this house(CLC) We are all about the truth and doing things Gods way!We are not victims but Victors! Only God and His people will be able to sustain and overcome , not so for the world.There is Cause and Effects!Not a one of us should have a hard day. The way of the transgressor is hard, that’s not me or those that have been set free! John 3:16 He sent His Son! His Blood has done it all!!! Praise Jesus! Thanks PD so good!!! 🙌


  2. Jumpstart ** You can tell who you have relationship with because you’re known by your fruit. Putting on clean clothes does not make you clean on the inside.
    The wicked are edgy with guilt. They are nervous, worried, trying to cover themselves. The righteous people who don’t just walk by faith, but live by faith are cool, collected and confident.
    You backslide one step at a time, just like with anything else. Watch out for the little foxes that spoil the vine, don’t let them creep in.
    Be hard on yourself, but be easy on others. Correct yourself and don’t allow carnality.
    You can judge if your relationship with Him is real, if you really believe what you say you believe and if you really live it out.

    NBT First Service ** For everything, there is a cause and effect. The Father’s cause was his sincere love for us and the effect was Jesus coming to bring us back to him.
    Giving should be in our DNA. Not just something we do but something we feel a need for. The Father is a giver and we are his children, so we should be just like Him.
    The way of the transgressor is hard, but our way is supposed to be easy. If it isn’t easy, you need to check yourself as to why. Jesus paid for the easy part so use it.


  3. Jump start: if you lack clarity: 1. Fast 2. Go back to the last thing the Holy Spirit told me and keep doing it. God doesn’t need my help. 3) what does the Word have to say about my situation. The Holy Spirit won’t do the work for me. His work in my life will make me sincere.

    1st service: no matter what I face, in Him there’s rest and peace. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Wean stupid things out of his life. Accepting personal responsibility keeps you from making wrong decisions.


  4. JS// Holy Spirit has answer for everything. Pride will keep you from your victory every time. Pride says I got it even if I am lot saying it with words. For clarity Fast, go back to the last thing I knew to do and then what does the word say about this. If I want to stay sensitive and sincere let the HS work in my life and listen and do. I must do my part.
    Jesus said my life should be easy, so why do I make it hard :(. Abraham has no idea what direction to till God showed him. Trust the Father do your part and BUT GOD for the rest.


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