1. Jumpstart – ALL TRUTH…. I have all truth! Surrender is an ongoing thing for me & it positions me for Victory! I will only experience victory to the degree I surrender. GOSHHH!!! I will surrender my ideas, my plans, my life to Him… I give him all my hopes and all my dreams! I don’t want my will, I want His…I am nothing without Him!!! Surrender reqs process.. I will go through the process- surrender to my leaders & pastors!! God pays attention to how obedient you are & how you treat authority. Serving him can’t be self serving.. LOSE SELF! Don’t coddle your flesh & think you can serve another man. I will be hated for the Words sake.. ENDURANCE! Serve God Single-heartedly!

    2nd Service- GOD DONT CANCEL ME, he don’t reject me! I’m part of a gated community now with Benefits- GLORRY TO GOD! As I honor him he honors me!!!


  2. JumpStart// You will only experience victory to the degree that you surrender!! I soooo like looking at the example of Jesus!! He surrendered time and time again and if HE did it, I know I will have to too! If it’s His will, it’s got to be done HIS WAY!! His will, my way won’t work!! I must surrender to the PROCESS in order to walk into the call HE has for my life! Without the process, you’ve got NO ENDURANCE!! If your flesh is SO LOUD… the process has been neglected somewhere!! I am going to allow the Father to show me where in my life that the process has been neglected and with HIS help, I will fix it and move into all He has for me!!

    1st Service// With a degree of pride comes a degree of hell,,, you don’t want hell in your life, you must purpose to live a lifestyle of humility!! Works are not the root, but the FRUIT of your salvation!! Wen you really know you are accepted by HIM, you won’t find yourself needing acceptance from THEM!!! You must judge yourself in order to stay in the gated community of His protection!!


  3. Church was so amazing today! I’m thankful for our Pastors always brings the truth of Gods Word to us! Here are my highs:Jumpstart / I have the Victory, but I must Surrender to the Father and with my surrender always comes persecution. With my Surrender there is a process! God wants my obedience, He pays attention to how I’am with the authority in my life. My serving can’t be in self-serving, but is all about Him!Jesus had been through the PROCESS! If my flesh is so loud the process has been negated!! I determine to grow through the Word of God and fulfill my call His way with His results , even when persecution comes I Win!!!!! 2nd/ I live in a gated community with special promises. None of us have arrived nor will we ever arrive until we see Him. But God will protect me when I’am humble so that I can shine and I cannot be canceled!!!! ♥️🙌


  4. Jumpstart// I loved the picture of Jesus being sooo ready to go. He had been ready for so long In heaven – ready for come make things right for us. And at 12 he was ready to go BUT he had to submit to his parents and being a carpenter . He had to go through the PROCESS of submitting to another man BEFORE he could walk in his call. Gosh so good!!!!

    1st svc / Pastor Faith had a word for people who were feeling like they were so far behind they could never catch up … and she used the analogy of swap points in kids church and dang it was so so good to me!
    We can be soooo far behind but Jesus says “ swap points “ he gives us all his points and he takes ours! We don’t deserve it just like in swap points – one team has earned their points but with one draw Of a paper that says “swap points “, they lose their points and the other team walks away victorious without ANY EFFORT!!! Dang so good!! Jesus took all my failure and I walk away with HIS VICTORY and I did NOTHING to deserve it !!!


  5. JS// In life we are always surrendering to something. Diet to lose weight, Gym to build muscle or a job that gives you the lifestyle you want just to name a few. The problem is these only bring temporary satisfaction that normally ends up in frustration not true victory. Willing Surrendering to the Father in obedience and His way of doing things is where our true Victory comes. Man I need to take joy in the persecution when it comes because as I surrender another VICTORY is coming and then another and then another. I will stop being a flesh baby and start being the Victorious man of God he has called me to be who is not afraid to surrender.


  6. JumpStart//what stood out to me most is when Pastor Charity said “so much of what the church world calls victory is America!!” That was so powerful; I don’t want to just take natural “america” freedoms and deceive myself into thinking i’m walking in the victory Jesus paid for!!! It’s two different things!!!! I will use my FAITH!!!! I won’t be deceived into thinking i’m in faith when i’m not!!
    Inclusion Culture//I really, really liked when Pastor Dean was talking about the gated community!! As His child I have access to EVERYTHING!!! I have the password and it’s protected but it’s up to me to go in and take it!!! I won’t let anyone or anything keep me from my gated community!
    I also liked when Pastor Dean said it’s not the container it’s what’s in the container that matters!!! Just like with a present, you don’t care how the wrapping looks; you want what is on the inside!!!! I just really loved that!!! We didn’t pick our container but we decide how the inside is!!! I believe that revelation will sweep across the nation!!!!


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