1. Coffee w-PK was such a blessing to me! Here are some of my highs-
    Something the Holy Spirit has really been rolling around in my heart is FAITH & PATIENCE.. FAITH & PATIENCE.. FAITH & PATIENCE… & PHIL 4:19- goshhh, today really just settled it for me.. I DEF do not look back but I continue NO MATTER WHAT.. i move forward and I trust God no matter what! THE WORD IS MY BEST FRIEND-this right here continues to minister to me as well….
    I liked when PK said when your word level is low youll be focused on the world but when you are full of the word the world will grow dim! GOING BACK ISNT AN OPTION FOR ME.. i think HECK NO!!! my past was UGH and i know that no matter what may arise it cant be any worse than the HELL i was in.. i continue to push and move forward no matter what and trust God!!! I WILL REMAIN AT REST AND KNOW DADDY GOTS ME AND I WILL SEE MYSELF VICTORIOUS… HE DIDNT BRING ME THIS FAR TO TAKE ME BACK!!! THE WORD WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE.. I WILL REFUSE EXCUSES WHEN THEY TRY TO COME….


  2. Coffee with PK was amazing today! Here’s my highs: When Pastor Kathy said With God all things are possible! It so blessed my heart because the enemy has been bombarding my thoughts you can’t do that, or you will never be who God wants you to be! I speak the Word right back, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Not today devil I’m already who God wants me to be! I’m good stuff and He has provided supernatural power for me to overcome! I have to value and esteem God’s Word wanting the BEST for me.I refuse to go back but will stick with Jesus like glue! The devil has triggers to get me to go back but he’s too late , I’m going to keep going forward with Jesus. He always has better things for me when I don’t turn back. I will trust Him , continue to stand ! He has more for me to come . I will stay with my own company He has placed around me , who encourage me! I give the devil no place , I’m in God’s will and His plan for my life! I will never , never turn back and I inherit the promises of God! Thank you Pastor Kathy! today was such a blessing! I love you!💗🙌


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