Night Life 9.9.20

Service was so great tonight! Our new Night Life series on Principles of Prosperity is going to be amazing!!! Determine this: Does God want His children to have financial resources? Why/why not?
What was your favorite part of Night Life tonight?


  1. I wasn’t in Night Life but i am excited to listen!!
    Late Night was soo good tonight! Pastor Greg talked about Bible Hope! Here are some of my highs!
    The worlds hope and Bible hope are two completely different things!! Bible hope expects the Word to work while the worlds hope is a desperate cry for thing to work out!
    treasure=confidence=obedience… when you really trust Him and what the Word says about your life that creates a confidence that cannot be shaken which results in obedience to everything He tells you to do!
    You can turn anything around with the words of your mouth!
    When you make a mistake… 1 John 1:9 that thing and hit it in tongues!! You cannot keep dwelling on it and expect change to come! It will NOT happen!
    God is confident in me and my ability to overcome even when I give Him nothing to work with!
    There is always HOPE for your future when you are willing to DO THE WORD!!

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  2. Kid City// selfishness has no place in our life. When we surrender our needs to honor the man or woman God has placed in front of us He will always come through for us. Never never will He let us down. When we give it will undoubtably always come back as more. Father I commit to not be selfish even in the smallest of things!!!

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  3. Just listened to night life & so so good! I’m grateful….. I soooo loved when PD SAID GOD LOVES CHILDREN.. & children have been some of the most neglected beings.. 😭😭 it so so blessed me…. GOD WANTS US TO HAVE EXTRAVAGANT THINGS!!! GOSHHHH YESSSSS!!!!!! I will focus on myself opposed to others….. I refuse for my life to stay jacked up!!! We do what we do because we find out that’s what we are supposed to do!!! God wants me to always have more than enough- A POSITION!!!!! Dang!!!!! Yess! He’s a good daddy


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