1. I sat in second service and it was so good! I recommend this service to everyone! Some of my favorite things from this service were:
    Don’t be a lifelong learner and never learn LIFE (the Word!!)
    God created people to be His kids!!! Not another God!! He is God and I am NOT!
    Why allow yourself to be in a rut?! Putting up with things Jesus already paid for!!!
    Believe or Bow- YOU CHOOSE!!

    And finally, “Will you be a traditional believer or will you be zealous?”

    Honestly, second service was absolutely amazing and i will def. be re listening!!


  2. Church was really good today so grateful for our Pastors that never compromise the Word! Here’s my highs : Jumpstart/ I liked Pastor Charity’s diagram of how there me, the Son , the Father then we Surrender, victory, then comes persecution! I can’t mix a little of my way into God’s way! Once we are rescued there should be a response to Him and requires our stewardship. There is nothing, nothing , He can’t have of my life. If I have Him I have it all! Loving Him more than anything or anyone else!!! ♥️ 3rd/ Working for God is about my Obedience. When I have His Wisdom , wisdom will be with me all the days of my life! You have to get to the point you know in whom you believe. If He said it, I believe it!!!!!Thanks PD so good! 🙌😃


  3. I went to 2nd service today and I was great!! PD has made a statement about our covenant and it being bigger than anything. I started to think about that and they Holy Spirit showed me to use that covenant and apply it to the areas I still need to work on so they can line up with the word. I love that I can go to church, hear the word and then the Holy Spirit personalizes for me to show me the ways in which I can grow ♥️


  4. I was in first service today and it was amazing!

    You are not your container, you are your content!! It’s what’s inside that counts!!
    Wisdom is know while understanding is to skillfully put it to work in your life?! Do you just know the Word?! Or are you really understanding it?
    God sees Himself as supremes and able to take care of His children!! Do you trust Him with your life?

    I am grateful for constant truth and understanding of the word and how to apply it to my life! 🙌🏻🙌🏻


  5. JS// Mixing a little bit of my way with God’s way doesn’t make for a good outcome. Surrender-Surrender-Surrender. Man loving Him and following Him means I can’t be in love with myself wanting my way and justifying why I should have my way 🤦‍♂️. His WILL my way!!!!!
    My victory is tied to my surrender🙌🙌.


  6. One more thing…. When we surrender it allows us to give up every right to be offended or get offended in any way. When you surrender you are in humility and offense takes a back seat or better yet pull over and kick it out on the highway.


  7. Some of my favs from service…
    It’s not what you know in your head it’s what you know in your heart!
    The things you put up with that He paid for his foolishness!
    I will be BELIEVE God!!!!


  8. Jumpstart: To achieve the victory, I must first surrender what I’m believing for. Any “sacrifices” I make on behalf of the Kingdom will not leave me doing without. I’ll never find myself if my first concern is only myself. I have to be able to give him all of me… back to surrendering for victory.

    First Service: The Father can only do things on His terms. Wisdom doesn’t just come with age, I have to purposely achieve it by knowing, understanding, and then putting it to work. The world equates wisdom with substance or degrees when it’s actually simply a connection between yourself and the Father’s heart. The wisdom of the world is foolishness to God – Let God be true and every man a liar. All of this craziness and chaos right now is based on lies, lies, lies and driven by fear. As children of God, we are on a different level and must show the rest of the world what peace and comfort looks like!


  9. Jump start// I need to locate in myself the things that keep me from moving forward. It’s about my surrender. When you surrender you have the victory. Know what my non-negotiables are…this is what I do.

    Service highs// I have to trust and honor the Word before it will work in my life. I either believe the covenant or I bow. The only thing that reflects the love of God is the Word of God. There’s no coasting in the kingdom. The Word is designed to challenge me. Am I really believing? There’s no other plan that God can back but plan A.


  10. Jumpstart- WOW! Listened to this service and it literally blesses my soul hugely.. WITHOUT SURRENDER THERE WILL BE NO VICTORY.. I can’t mix a little bit of me and my way with Him and his way.. This life requires Stewardship…. GIVING IT ALL UP FOR HIM=ME FINDING MY LIFE. I shouldn’t be found wrestling with anything… Phil 1:21- so blessed me in the Mirror translation- CHRIST DEFINES MY LIFE; death cannot threaten or diminish that. GOSHHH SO GOOD TO ME! If I love him I can’t love my life, my plan, my dream, etc… IF I HAVE HIM, I HAVE IT ALL-💯😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Praying in the Holy Ghost is the secret to success… he’ll show you things to come. I HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED…. I have a God who completely loves me, turn everything over completely to Him!!!! Goshh I will be asking the HOLY SPIRIT to seriously show me, me….I NEED HIM!!

    2nd Service- WAS SOOO GOOD! This service blessed my life hugely & as I went to work this morning my son who has been attending Chooselife mentioned this service to me.. He said mom PASTOR DEAN SO blessed me 2nd Service… he said I was just so aware of How good God is & seeing PD and How he approached the people who got saved so just blessed me. He said I LOVE PD! Goshhh 😭😭 IM GRATEFUL FOR PD!!!! Where would our family be without Him and His family answering the call that God had for them… If anyone knows my son, at one time he walked away doing his own thing & to hear HIM say these things- I KNOW THAT I KNOW THERE IS A GOD & he hears us, knows us, and he totally loves us and totally and completely HAS us! Seriously we have the BEST PASTORS…
    my take Aways from that service were- AGE HAPPENS BUT WISDOM IS ON PURPOSE. What’s in me??? In my heart?? I challenge myself to GROW MORE! What do you believe Patricia? Money don’t take care of everything PURSUING HIM DOES! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
    DONT SEE YOU AS YOUR GOD PATRICIA… HES DONE IT… your not all that, HE IS!!!! He created me to just be his kid and to trust Him not try to be Him… NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO OFFER ME BUT HIM ALONE… only 1 plan- HIS PLAN A! I serve a God who makes all things possible. IF HE SAID IT IM GOING TO BELIEVE IT.. I challenge myself to just BELIEVE HIM!!!


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