1. I have overwhelming victory and NOTHING is to big for me- HE WILL LEAD & DIRECT ME… me and the HS are a majority! Discipline your mind to stay on what God says about your situation.. FOCUS.. PAY ATTENTION! Colossians 3:2 – so blessed me! MY BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD! God loves me… no one else has died for me HE IS WORTHY OF MY MIND BEING STAYED ON HIM ALONE! THINK ON THE BEST NOT THE WORST.. THE BEAUTIFUL NOT THE UGLY! The ball is in my court… what I see myself as, I’ll become!!!! FORWARD THINKING Patricia!!! I refuse to look back! THERE IS NOTHING TO GO BACK TO!!!


  2. I’m so thankful for Coffee with PK today! I WIN!!!! And I’m more than a Conqueror over my thought life. The Holy Spirit will help me everyday and I will take courage each day I get up. Telling the enemy not today devil I refuse that thought it is not from my Father. I keep my eyes on Him , focused on the Word of God. My thoughts are His thoughts. The Word is precious to me. I value the Word! God’s Word enables me to get rid of stinking thinking! When I read the Word, mediate, believe , and speak the word only , I will have good success. My BEST days are ahead, my future bright! I have a can do attitude! I will not draw back, I will not quit. But set my mind on things above every time!!!!! Thank you Pastor Kathy I was blessed today! I love you!!!🙌♥️


  3. Where your thinking goes your life will follow😳😳. It’s a good thing others can’t see our thinking but God definitely does. If we don’t change our thinking then others will eventually see by our actions because what we think will come alive in us. “Let evil bother you.” We (I) have to turn off stinking thinking as soon as it try’s to come in. Don’t mull it around and give it any time. Fill your (my) thoughts with God’s thoughts. Your (my) eyes are the beginning to your (my) thoughts so keep our eyes on Jesus and the things that are about him. We can walk in Romans 8:37 (NLT) every day (OVERWHELMING VICTORY) because we have the Power to Stand


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