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  1. Just listened to Night life…. It blessed me! IM GRATEFUL! Here are so of my highs-

    The blessing is for ALL Gods children & you can’t earn or work for it- YOU BELIEVE & YOU RCV… OBEY… Pay attention to the voice of God Patricia! OUR CHILDREN DONT HAVE TO PERFORM TO BE BLESSED THEY’RE OUR KIDS… Matt 7:11- SO BLESSES ME.. I will chew on it!!!!!!! See yourself as Loved & Blessed! ✅
    HE PAID IT ALL…. 💯
    I’m Heir if everything the son paid for! No groveling but instead on top of my game because he made a way for me to be blessed! I’m BLESSED BECAUSE IM SIMPLY HIS! IM VERY RICH!!!!!!! We are all unique! I loved when he said God put 2 problem children together and said get along- lol!!!!!! SO HE CAN GET ALL THE GLORY! I want HIM to get ALL GLORY IN MY LIFE! I’m grateful


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