1. Church was great! Here are some of my highs-

    Jumpstart – in every season there’s more required of me. PUT ASIDE ME & get close to HIM! Surrender is my foundation! LOVING HIM MORE = SURRENDER
    LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE….there should be a consistency about my life. PROCESS OF SURRENDER… the evenhanded goes about things independently & I refuse to be independent!!!! I will do things the way others want them done. I Will come up under! KINGDOM SERVING OR SELF SERVING?! I can do nothing by myself.. NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE FATHER. I really so appreciated the 7 things that will put out the fire.. I determine to eradicate self!!!!!

    2nd service. I so liked when PC said OUR GOD IS A GOD OF HOPE! What he began in us he will complete! I DOMINATE BY THE BLOOD.. I will hope in God because he won’t disappoint.
    I so like when PD said in the offering part that THE WINDS ARE CHANGING BECAUSE WE HAVE FAVOR. He wants me to have a good life!
    HE IS THE ONLY ONE WJO WILL INCLUDE US AND NOT EXCLUDE US! Peace that passes all understanding can only be got through him! WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL BECOME! Our identity should be WITH HIM! His things are more important than anything else. I don’t have to be concerned because I am seated with Him in Heavenly places.

  2. JS// Our life of surrender is loving Him most. I commit to putting down everything that keeps me from loving Him first and most. If you don’t know Him you won’t and can’t love Him. I am in charge of my own fire 🔥 it’s my responsibility to pursue my relationship with Him!!! I will be more focused on Him to keep out the 7 things that will put out my fire.
    PD// I will see myself as UNTOUCHABLE not in an arrogant self indulgent way but as a blood bought and paid for child of God way!!!💪💪💪

  3. Church was great, full of revelation and enlightenment. My spirit was fed well!
    Jumpstart ~ I can’t build anything without the proper foundation. Surrender is the foundation of the foundation 🙂
    You get more accomplished when you’re on the same page – in agreement with one another. We are all different parts of the same body (1Cor 12:18)
    Submission = Surrender. If I can’t surrender to a natural system, I’m also not fully submitting to The Father. I’m either Kingdom serving or self serving, but it’s pretty hard to be doing both.
    I’m in charge of lighting and stewarding my own fire. The Holy Spirit is like the gas being fed to the flame, an eternal fuel that will never burn out.

    First Service ~ Don’t trust in uncertain riches. Focusing on staying afloat financially will drain you dry. Trust the Father, tithe, give, and serve and He will make sure you always have more than enough.
    What He does through me will improve me. I have to let Him work in me.
    This life is not my permanent residence. I have to keep that in mind as I’m working towards building the Kingdom and who I’m building it with. I want to share with them in eternity!
    I should be a walking example, showing people what it looks like to have everything Jesus paid for and provided.
    Satan is the father of lies, so I must be full of the truth. I am what is in me – I want that to be truth and light. I’m not my container, I am what’s in my container.

  4. Church days are the best days!! Here’s what I’ll be meditating on this week:
    JS –
    * I can’t build without a foundation and SURRENDER is THE foundation to my life!!
    * Surrender = loving Him more than anything else!
    * Leaders are consistent; I am consistent!
    * The enemy works independently of authority; don’t be like him! 🙅🏻‍♀️
    * I will ask myself, “how well do I come up under my authority?” at work, church, etc…
    * God will not fight for the right to be in my life, that’s why He sent JESUS! – I must give Him His place! ☝🏼
    * Process produces perseverance! Where’s there’s order, there’s success!
    * I’m determined to be Kingdom-serving, not self-serving!!
    * My daily confession, “Your will, not mine!”
    * I can’t put my own spin on things and expect to hear “well done” 🤦🏻‍♀️
    * I’m in charge of my own fire 🔥 I will keep my fire going for His things in surrender and prayer in the Holy Spirit!! This is so powerful!!!
    * I am NOT a victim of my soul ✋🏼
    * My job is not to meet other’s expectations but to obey God!
    2nd Service –
    * He’s not looking for my perfection, but my reception! 👂♥️🗣
    * God empowers me to walk away from who I was! 💪🏼
    * What I believe becomes who I am! I am not my color, my job, or any other external thing!
    * I’ll only be successful in the Word to the degree I’m involved – How much do I want it?
    * My daily confession: “I expect favor of God on my life and wisdom for every situation!”

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