1. Deep was AMMMAZZING! I enjoyed it so much & I so enjoyed group time. It so blessed me!

    PC- religion is an external demonstration..

    I want to produce roots & the way I do that is water myself with the Word! I have to work the word in my life because the Word works! My expectation has to be in Him alone!

    PK- the Bible is my best friend!!! It’s my sword!!!! I like when Pk said if your not wanting to read the word your not wanting to be corrected. GOD LOVES ME & he is the Best Daddy!

    1. Our group was a blessing for me too. I’m so thankful!!!

      I thought of one of the questions that I didn’t get to answer yesterday because I’m growing in letting others do the talking too. 😆 it was the question on why I think it’s important that others get in the word (something like that).

      I would love for everyone to find out how much God loves them through the word! This has made a HUGE impact in my own life. It’s what makes me take deep this year with a whole new pair of eyes & new set of ears!!! I feel like it’s the very first time I take deep and in fact it’s like the 4th or 5th. I lost count. Seriously the LOVE of God through the word changes EVERYTHING!!! 😍

  2. Yessss , I so agree Deep was amazing tonight! Here are some of my favorites! Honor / Spending time in the Word is the most valuable thing I can do for my life to produce the fruit Jesus was talking about in the book of John. It’s what I do with what I hear through meditation On the Word ,hearing the Holy Spirit having revelation then the manifestation of the Word in my life. Planting the Word or seed in my heart then to water it through repetition acting on what I hear I will be anchored for even more future growth! Carnality keeps you from being faithful! Thanks Pastor Charity this really helped me to be more intentional with my quiet time!🙌♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ You and Your Bible/ I liked what Pastor Kathy said the quote: Sin will keep you from this book, this book will keep you from sin! So good! The Word is incorruptible seed. I have to expose myself to the Word day by day, it is profitable to me. I believe God has a “New Word “ for me today ,everyday I get up.It is God’s love letter to me! It is Truth! We are commanded to love everyone , all men. To only pray for people , to always forgive. Take no thought of a suffered wrong! This one verse has changed my life and God has promised long life when we do it! Thank you Pastor Kathy!!♥️🙌🙌

  3. I’m excited DEEP has started again! I really appreciate all the time and effort the Pastors put into investing the Word in us and the curriculum they wrote.

    Pastor Charity’s class on life of honor is one of my favorites. I learned that disappointment not dealt with turns to bitterness. I don’t want to let these things take root in my heart because they will show up in my life. One of the definitions of anger is ulcer. Don’t go to sleep angry. Don’t give place to the enemy!

    Pastor Kathy’s class on You and Your Bible was so good. I like all the details and ways she breaks down the Word. I liked the quote she said by dwight L. Moody that went something like “if you sin you will stay away from this book. If you stay in this book you will stay away from sin.” The Word is the most precious thing in my life.

  4. Great to be back in DEEP and looking forward to a great nine months of growing.

    Honor is a big deal and if you keep things in the right place, the fruit will produce itself automatically. Plant your roots in the good soil and keep pouring the water to them. Next thing you know, you’ll be firmly planted and growing tall and strong in the things God has for you.

    The Bible isn’t just a book full of stories, it’s a tool. It has everything you need for any situation, inside the pages and in the living Word of God. I enjoy how Pastor Kathy is able to make things so real and understandable by relating things to her life or our own life. The Holy Spirit will bring the revelation for what you need when you keep in touch with Him and keep the Word close.

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