1. Church was so great today, here are some of my highs: Jumpstart/ I have to challenge myself, know who I’am in Him. I give up whatever takes His place in my life Surrendering all to what I can do for Him.I’am a spirit being , I’am the church on an assignment, when that is done I’m going back with Him! Carnality will kill this. We are made completely for our Heavenly Father. If you don’t except this you nor will you except your call and assignment. What could be better than being in Him? What would be more important than taking my rightful place in Him alone? Thank you Pastor Charity , You blessed me so much! ♥️ 2nd/Just like I choose to receive I must choose to Obey Him. I’m either in Him or not! I will not be ashamed of the Gospel, and have a voice to speak volumes of the Truth of God’s Word.I will be provoked to love everyone, getting louder taking a stand! In this there is Freedom! Thanks Pastor Dean! 😃🙌

  2. Some favs…
    Any time you look like you are gaining more but have moved further away from him you have regressed!
    Just like you choose to receive him you must choose to obey him!
    This is about progress not perfection!!!

  3. Jumpstart ~ Am I really surrendering, am I really giving anything up? Salvation isn’t achieved. My purpose can’t be fulfilled until I know exactly who I am in Him. I came from Him, and I’m going back to Him – Return to sender.
    I will not allow what’s in it for me to affect what I can do for His Kingdom. Not doing what I do for Him in religion, but in surrender.

    First Service ~ If He said it, I believe it. Even if I’m gaining more but seeking Him less, I’m not gaining, I’m regressing. Obeying Him is a choice, just as receiving Him is a choice. I should see myself crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20)
    All of my natural achievements are based off of Jesus’ supernatural achievements.
    I can change anything I want to. Just have to want to.

  4. Jump start// John 13:1-3 Jesus knew who he was in him! Don’t take this for granted!

    Service highs// once your in him there are no excuses. This is about progress not perfection. Only two things can keep you from changing and the one I identified with the most is the fear of man. You can’t let your emotions do for people what God wouldn’t do for people. You start feeling good about you when you start feeling good about him.

  5. Church was amazing! Here are some take away a from services-

    Jumpstart- There are people in my life influenced by how I decide, think, choose, etc!! WOW! In every season we are potentially set up to be followed. DO NOT PUT SELF IN THE MIX- this is HIS TRUTH, all pointing to THE FATHER. Jesus was surrendered so I will too! I don’t belong to me- IM HIS! I surrender ALL!!! I refuse to become familiar with being His- ITS A BIG DEAL, very WEIGHTY! There’s no life for me outside of Him! I’m not from Here…

    2nd Service- ONLY TRUST IN THE LIVING GOD PATRICIA! He wants me to enjoy my life. I WILL HONOR HIM! I will be concerned for nothing because I trust Him! I will never be cancelled again- GLORRY TO GOD! This is huge for me because I was cancelled a lot in my past but ALL GLORY TO GOD THAT HE IS MY LIFE NOW! Not concerned with what others think! His plan for me is that I change. I want to continue changing! I have progress to make.. HUMBLE!!!!!!!JESUS DID THE SUPERNATURAL SO I COULD DO THE NATURAL- this is Huge to me; explosive!!!!SET APART FOR HIM & HIS THINGS….

    I like when PC told the interns something the nature that the interns were not civilians but in other words they were set apart like military men and women are. GOSHHH that went off in me because as his kids we aren’t like everybody else- WE SHOULD GIVE HIM OUR ALL!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  6. JS// Familiarity can cause you to take things for granted (got that t-shirt😟).
    What could be better than being in Him? What would it be like to not have hope😳😳. I will surrender to the highest form of truth nothing less allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me every step of the way. Surrender to Him is FREEDOM.
    PD// God restores what has been stolen. Stop hanging out with the past and get moving forward. Don’t be timid it will keep you from making a difference. You will start feeling good about yourself when you start feeling good about Him. Don’t become a creature of comfort because it will take you away from what it important. I will not Regress.

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