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  1. Deep was such a blessing & on point Goshhh group time BLESSES ME HUGELY! & wow when PC sang the song it was game over – this was Me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m grateful to have a church that no matter how rushed it might have been to get to deep he set me up for A WIN WIN….. & no matter what may have transpired before getting to deep Goshh at the end of the DAY IM HIS & no one NO ONE CARES FOR ME LIKE HIM!!!! I’m His!

    PC Honor- Goshh this whole class was humbling and just so much room for growth for me- I’ll continue to clean my gut of all unnecessary things ways and attitudes. I like when Pc said am I really reflecting Him? Wow!! Life takes time & I’ll be gracious with myself & continue moving forward cause I know he set me up for only the win I just keep progressing

    PF- 😭😭❤️ every time I have the honor to sit underneath her teaching I feel like a little girl- like I know we are to be as kids but I literally see myself as a little girl with my feet dangling off the chair just eager to hear What Jesus is going to share through her! This class B L E S S ED
    ME TO THE CORE!!!! I was one of those people who came from religion… I saw religion growing up, I heard religion growing up and saw no fruit from no one in my family that I could glean off so this class was huge to me.. I endeavor to continue just being real with myself and my daddy & others one day at a time- surrendering to him & allowing him to be my Alllllll!!!! HE IS EVERYTHING! I refuse to do and be a person of works but fr my heart I just want to be His girl & allow him to change me and work through me & work out of me all the junk! I’m grateful

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