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  1. Service was so good! Here are my highs:
    * Giving will open up doors for me because God honors giving!
    * “Aren’t you glad He didn’t give you His leftovers?!” – that question was so powerful!
    * Giving to honor God has eternal effects!
    * God will do more than you expect; just do as you’re expected!
    * OPTIMUM YIELD – Genesis 26:12
    * The enemy will mess with your head when you don’t do what you can with what you have! 🚫handouts
    * Tithing is an opportunity to increase and prosper!
    * God’s plan is for multiplication!
    * I can’t afford NOT to give or do what He’s called me to do!
    * If I’m not a giver, God is not my provider!
    * Giving creates confidence!

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