October Book of the Month

Faith for Finances By EW Kenyon & Don Gossett

Now, from the inspirational writings of E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett comes Faith for Finances a book to help you excellently receive all that God has for you by daring to stand on the promises for financial blessing and success found in God’s Word.

“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” —Philippians 4:19

God is not poverty-stricken, and He does not produce poverty-stricken children. The Bible abounds with promises that God will open the windows of heaven, satisfy us, shower down blessing on us, provide for us, replenish us, and prosper us. Yet, despite all these powerful promises, Christians don’t always know how to receive His provision.

“God absolutely watches over His Word to perform it. There is no doubt about it: what you say is what you get. Speak of your lack of money, of how hard things are going for you, and you will get what you say. I urge you to confess often: “I have faith for finances for my family! Thank you, Father, for they are riches now.” With your palms open, reach out to your Father and receive from Him.”

– Don Gossett

Faith for Finances By EW Kenyon & Don Gossett

  • How to stop worrying about finances
  • How to get a better job
  • How to become a joyful giver
  • How to pray and get results
  • How confession leads to possession
  • How God can work miracles in your life


  1. Just finished The intro and part 1 and wow!! Mr. Gossett’s reference to Amos 3:3 is so life changing. I’ve often seen this in reference to marriage, but your partnering with God and His word when it comes to any area is the most powerful agreement! Faith…I’ll envision myself coming to Him palms open and ready to receive all He has already provided ❤️

  2. Wow! Chapter 1 – WHAT YOU SAY IS WHAT YOU GET… never again confess lack but instead Philippians 4:19… MY GOD shall supply ALL OF MY NEEDS according to HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS! HE IS MY GOD!!!!!!! He will say what he says he will do & if he said it I’m going to believe it, agree with it!

  3. This book is like SOOOO GOOD!!!
    I so like chapter 2 & the declarations it gave!!!
    Chapter 3- what so ministered to be was stepping out of sin consciousness into Son consciousness is stepping out of failure into success- YESSSSSSSSS!!!! IM HIS & I’m IN HIM! Also when he said When you go into Gods gymnasium, you come into contact with the great spiritual gymnastic Teacher. You let him put you through a course until you can stand in front of the world complete in all His finished work, until your inferiority has been swallowed up in His dominant victorious Spirit, until you can whisper “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world” or “Greater is He who is in me than the doubts and fears that worked in me in the past.” I HAVE A MASTER NOW WHO BUILDS ME UP INSTEAD OF KEEPING ME IN BONDAGE.

  4. Chapter 1- I really liked Amos 3:3!! God can’t partner with me when I’m not agreed with Him (His Word!!!) speak that Word ONLY!!

  5. This book is soooo great!! I am liking it soo much!!!
    The intro was soo good to me! To think that Don Gossett has the privilege of working with EW Kenyon’s unpublished manuscripts!! Soo awesome!!

    Chapter 1//There is no doubt about it: what you say is what you get! I have start is sed saying often, My God shall supply all my needs.


    Chapter 3//This was sooo good to me, Stepping out of sin-consciousness into Son-consciousness is stepping out of failure into success!!
    I refuse to worry about the lack of money!!

    Chapter 4//”God’s care for your life is obvious! Don’t resist His generosity by worrying over material things”
    Life is to give and not take!!

    Chapter 5//The most joyful Christians I know are those who know the blessings of giving.
    I really liked the seven facts for me when I give!!
    You know that God promises you prosperity and plenty because you are liberal in giving unto Him. This makes your giving a noble privilege!! SOOO GOOD!!

    Chapter 6//We need to drive ourselves until we have developed the rich resources within us. Form habits of study, habits of industry.
    My mind is mine…it will be by servant…I will make it study
    Kill laziness and that draining habit of dreaming.
    Carve success for tomorrow out of every day.
    Make yourself worthwhile. Make yourself attractive, so valuable, that men will hunt for you.

    Chapter 7//Psalm 84:11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS VERSE!!

    Chapter 8//We should begin to praise the Lord in faith for the answer, even before we have seen or felt the evidence.
    We must not hinder receiving by having any wrong spirit.
    Matthew 5:44

    Chapter 9//Some people waste genius because they do not develop it!!

    Chapter 10//Ecclesiastes 11:1!!! Cast the bread upon the waters…I will find it after many days!!!

    Chapter 11//THIS CHAPTER GOES SOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!! Many mediocre men fill places of importance because no one can find people who are really fitted for the job!! HONEST LABOR! Hitchhickers are are filling the road today…they want a free ride!! That will not be me!!
    I am builder and bearer!!

    Chapter 12//I decide how I reap by how I sow!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!

  6. 1// speak your faith speak the word!
    Got absolutely watches over his word to perform it! 🙌🏻

    2// great confessions in this chapter… poverty is not God‘s will for my life! 🙌🏻

    3// greater is he who is in me than the doubts and fears that I worked in me in the past!!! I am filled with his ability! Glory!!!

    4// I live to give!!!

    5// He is the Lord and He changes not… so every time I give and honor Him He will honor me 😇

    6// carve success for tomorrow out of every day!

    7// As I seek the Lord he will make me to prosper!

    8// spiritual power cannot flow through our lives with unforgiveness and resentment! Keep the channel of your heart clean and clear!

    9// exceptional people are those who develop what is within them!

    10// awesome scriptures on finances! Gods word is forever settled!

    11// you can’t get without giving (And enjoy what God has) so don’t be a mental hitchhiker or hobo 😒 lol!!!

    12// I live to give! I will never lack!!!! 🙌🏻

    13// giving to the Lord will produce tremendous spiritual, physical, and financial blessings!

    14// give some thing that is going to be a blessing!

    15// belief enriches the life of the believer!!! Hallelu! 🔥

    16// God is the original giver be in his class!

    17// Do not allow one day to go by in which you have not improved yourself!

    18// when I seek God he gives me wealth and health!!! 🙌🏻

  7. Chapter 2
    Omg those declarations were sooooo good!!!!!!! I will confess those over me!!

    Chapter 3
    “I am breathing in the courage of His tremendous personality. I am filled with His ability.”
    Wow!!!!! I am breathing in His courage!!! His strength and ability!!!!! The Greater One is in me so I’m an overcomer!!!!!! It’s HIM in me that makes the difference!!!! I will acknowledge that more not the circumstances!

    Chapter 4
    “Life is to give and not to take!!”
    Life is fulfilling as you think about others and not what you have going on!!!

  8. Chapter 4- banks may close and money may be devalued but Gods word is sure forever! PHILIPPIANS 4:19!!!!!! Life is to give not take!!!

    Chapter 5- when your a giver YOU WILL BE FULL OF JOY!!! I am a willing giver!!!!!!

  9. Chapter 6- goshhh the beginning of chapter he said this- “we show signs of real wealth but it lies underneath roots & stumps and we refuse to clear the land and make the soil usable.” WOW!!!! When I read that I was like 🤔 I don’t want that to be me… I want to clear it up and my soil to be usable! I want to be developed where I can be used- READY! Drive yourself until you have developed the rich resources within you .. FORM HABITS OF STUDY, HABITS OF INDUSTRY. Learn to save the moments. Fork the habit of concentration- hard thinking. DRIVE YOUR MIND! A slave drive of my own faculties- I so like that!!!!! Fight for time… it’s the most valuable asset you have! BE EXACT WITH YOURSELF! Make yourself do your best Patricia! This chapter was soooooo Good!

    Chapter 7
    Don’t be doubtful toward God! Doubt is of the devil & is the pathway to defeat! DELIGHT IN HIM ALONE.. please him alone.. trust Him in everything & thank him for what it is you ask of Him. Cast all your care on him. HE WILL NOT WITHHOLD ANY GOOD THING FROM ME!


  10. I really like this book! It is so encouraging!!
    Chapter 1// I can’t walk with God in financial supply if I disagreed with Him. Speak the Word only regarding my finances. Labor is usually God’s way to meet needs. Your faith is detectible by your words. What you say is what you get.

    Chapter 2// Plenty means sufficient income, enough money, and satisfaction. God promises to deliver me from hand to mouth essence and to prosper in every way!

    Chapter 3// I know that the Mighty One has taken over me and has put me over since I stepped out of sin-consciousness and into Son-consciousness!

    Chapter 4// Life is to give, not to take.

    Chapter 5// If we sow bountifully of our limited means, God will enable us to reap bountifully.

    Chapter 6// My favorite chapter so far!!! What we need is hard work, not work on impulse but on principle. We need to drive ourselves until we have developed the rich resources in us. Determine your future, settle what you are going to do and then make every day pay tribute. Make yourself worthwhile. Make people want you. Make yourself so attractive, so valuable that men will hunt after you. Make opportunities where no opportunities existed before. Then make yourself ready for the opportunity.

    Chapter 7// The key to prosperity, take time to seek the Lord by prayer, study His Word, and honor Him in your giving.

    Chapter 8// Praise is the golden key for appropriating all your need from the father’s supply. He has promised, you have asked him to do it, so act as if He is doing it by praising Him.

    Chapter 9// Success, victory, and achievement are in you. Exceptional people are those who develop what is within them.

    Chapter 10// If I am faithful in my tithes and offerings, I can claim the promises. Banks may close and money may be devaluated, but God’s Word is sure forever.

    Chapter 11// If you want to be a success, you will have to bear burdens. You will have to pay the taxes for a hundred other people. The easy way to do it is hobo it. It is the way of least resistance.

    Chapter 12// When I live by the creed, “I live to give” I will never live in lack.

    Chapter 13// If you are having financial worries, try God’s methods of giving and then receive His bounties. The life of giving is a beautiful life.

    Chapter 14// To be successful, you must know that you have something that they need, something they ought to have.

    Chapter 15// The Bible makes it clear that riches and honor come from the Lord.

    Chapter 16// Be a contributor to your age. Don’t just exist. Selfishness cramps ability. Live big.

    Chapter 17// What is your word worth to you? Have you faith in your own words? I am not asking what your word is worth to others. Pride may make you keep your word with people, but do you keep your word with yourself? What you have hungered and yearned to do you have the ability to do, if you will.

    Chapter 18// If I delight in the Word of God and meditate on it, God says that whatever I do will prosper.

    Chapter 19// Are you experiencing a fear of death, failure, old age, sickness, poverty, calamity? Likely, you face often “the fear of man which bringeth a snare” Proverbs 29:25. These spirit so fear do not originate from God. They are satan’s gifts to you. Don’t accept them any longer. Refuse them in Jesus’ name. Receive God’s gifts of love, power, and a sound mind.

    Chapter 20// Cultivate the habit of thorough work. If it is mental work, think every problem through. Be the one person in the place where you work who thinks through on every problem that arises.

    Chapter 21//All guidance must be in harmony with the Word of God, never apart from it. The Holy Spirit always uses the Word. Ephesians 6:17

  11. Chapter 8- ASK BOLDLY & EXPECT TO RCV! FORGIVE! Keep the channel of your heart clear & clean so that the Spirit can flow through you.

    Chapter 9- success, victory, and achievements are in you. Develop what’s in me… DIG FOR IT!!

    Chapter 10- I have freedom for financial worries because I give and I am faithful over that.

    Chapter 11- if you want to be a successful you will have to bear the burdens. WOW!! Build the road yourself….

    Chapter 12- I LIVE TO GIVE For the is the way to love & I’ll never live in lack!

  12. Chapter 22// doubt is only cast out by truth.

    Chapter 23// Joyful Christians are the best advertisement for Christianity. Joyful Christians have always been a challenge and testimony to a brokenhearted world. Christians are only as strong as they are filled with the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is our strength and it is a vital characteristic in receiving and maintaining good health and success.

    Chapter 24//believers are winners. You remember that we are crucified with him. We died with him. We are buried with him. We suffered with him, we are justified with him, and we are made alive with him. Then we met the enemy and we conquered him in Christ.

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