1. Services were fantastic from beginning to end!!!! Praise and worship was absolutely amazing! I left spiritually FULL with a toothpick it was a great meal…lol!!!! First was the appetizer (Jumpstart)! My highs were: *Religion doesn’t accept who you are in Him and carnality kills it! * There is a fine line between discipline and religion! * Discipline= internal stimulus and Religion= fear of man! * To be like Him I can’t look like me! * When you are leaning on you, you have turned away from Him! PC’s message challenged me to continue and continue strong (like the tree picture that was lush and green with strong roots)! The Holy Spirit showed me places that were dry and needed work! I am so grateful for light! Next was the main course (1st Service)- I was really excited about the new series! It couldn’t of come at a better time!!! My highs were: * We are here to rule and reign, not whine and complain! * We are rulers not owners! Hearing this was a game changer for me! I have dominion and I call the shots! What I experience is what I have allowed!!! * If He is my life there is no disappointment!!!! This took me back to PC’s DEEP lesson on Honor! My expectation is from Him!! I don’t have to be disappointed if I don’t want to!!! Lastly, when PD said “Is He going to be your life or are they going to be your death!!! This definitely helped to continue my life in Him regardless! Persecution is not a bad thing it is actually an indicator that I am on the right path!!! Like the Men’s conference video said “Let them come”!!!!!!! Dessert was Kidz City message from PF!!!! My highs were: * You can’t blame anybody for your spiritual growth! * To tap into the greater works that Jesus said I would do I must be a servant!!!! * Serving is serving when it is inconvenient!!! This statement alone was the best bite for me!!! This is the “one thing” I will be working on… inconveniences!!! * Humility is quick to serve! Pride always bucks serving! I desire to tap into the greater works! My serving all starts at home!!! Time to get to work y’all!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. I’m grateful for the Word that I was taught today at church. Here are some of my favs——

    Jumpstart- I do not want to be a believer that only hears my voice but I want to know His voice! Everyday my goal will be surrender throughout my day to Him and not do my own plan or agenda! I want to find myself dying to myself so I can reflect Him! Religion doesn’t accept who you are in Him and carnality kills it- THIS MINISTERED TO ME SO BIG! In Him is all that matters! I want to change & so one day a time I just surrender and purpose to progress and allow Him and His word to transform me. I don’t want to be like me but like Him

    2nd Service- ALL OF IT SO BLESSED ME… He will always take care of me- I wrote this in my notes.. HE WANTS EVERYONE BLESSED! He wants to get ALL GLORY from my life! I have to choose life in everything! Relationship with Him sets you up for Victory naturally! I want to be a blessing to the World around me! I refuse to just focus on self.. everyday my go to is HELP ME FATHER TO DIE TO SELF, my own plan, my own agenda, my thoughts, my desires, my emotions, feelings etc.. I want NONE OF ME & ALLLL OF HIM taking me over! GOD IS A GOOD GOD! Just do what daddy says Patricia! THERES MORE!!! God has a big plan for His kids! If your looking to be someone GET IN HIM… All things are possible I refuse to put a limitation on God so I will grow learn and follow…. I need him!!!! & I’m so grateful for the pastors and leaders he has placed In my life to teach and train me! I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON GOD! I want to do what pleases Him!!!

  3. Jumpstart
    When I’m leaning on me I’ve turned away from Him!!!! I will not rely on myself and what I know and what I can do!!! I will lean on Him!!!

    1st service
    I’m so excited for the new series!!! I really liked when PD said is God going to be my life or are “they” going to be my death????
    I will be eternity minded!!!
    Also were here to rule and reign NOT whine and complain!!!!!
    Omg!!! I was def corrected in that statement!!!!! I will stop complaining and take authority!!!

  4. Jumpstart You were bought with a price! Giving up your own life makes you more perficient in His life.
    There is a fine line between discipline and religion – religion is working in the earth today because discipline is missing and rebellion has taken it’s place. Most believers are vulnerable to religion and don’t like to take correction. I’m not going to be most believers, I’m going to be a true believer.
    When you’re leaning on yourself, you’re not leaning on Him. That one means a lot to me because I lean on myself a lot more than I should, so I’m going to intentionally grow in that area.
    God sees your heart, not your show of acts. He doesn’t bless on who you pretend to be, but who your heart says you are.

    First Service We are standing in for our Heavenly Father by being about his business. All we are called to do is be the light, we can’t force someone into receiving it.
    We are to rule & reign. The gift of righteousness will cause us to reign. To walk in the promises we’ve been given we have to walk in the light of whose we are now. The Father’s business is connected to eternity.

  5. Jump start// There is a fine line between discipline and religion.
    Discipline- motivated by internal stimulus
    Religion- motivated by the fear of man
    God can only relate to truth. Whose voice is in my head?
    Service highs// as a believer I am only limited by a lack of faith. God favors the steward. If I want everything I say and do to honor Him then what is coming out of my mouth and my actions will change.

  6. Service was sooo AMAZING! I really liked the statement, “Step away from carnality and see how much you are truly a minority.” I really think that it is easy to get in a carnal mindset and think that you’re doing well in your faith walk. When in reality you have made no improvement and have been in the same spot for years. When you really think about it, you can find yourself surrounded with either like minded believers or the carnality of the world. When you’re surrounded by like minded believers it is easy to have conversations that revolve around Him! I’m not saying that every conversation is going to be perfect but it is so much easier to watch your conversations and really be intentional in helping others grow. Although this community may be small, the more that we are bold and encourage each other the more that the community will grow! We can be the change that we want to see in the world, we have to just DO IT! That is the beautiful thing about our relationship with God as believers is that is completely up to us! We are in charge of our growth and personal development.

    Romans 5:17 TPT // Death once held us in its grip, and by the blunder of one man, death reigned as king over humanity. But now, how much more are we held in the grip of grace and continue reigning as kings in life, enjoying our regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness in the one and only Jesus, the Messiah!

  7. I really enjoyed this service! The statement that stood out to me the most was, “Step away from carnality and see how much you are truly a minority” I think that in our lives we can either be surrounded by a group of like minded believers or we can find ourselves caught up in the carnality of others. I think that the beautiful thing about our relationship with the Father is the fact that it is completely up to us! It is so simple… call on His name and he will be there! He promised us that He would always be there for us so at the end of the day we have to go to Him and choose to spend time with Him! We are ridiculously in charge of how far we go with Him and if we surround ourselves with the right people and influences. When we find ourselves in a community of right minded believers (although it may not be the majority) we are able to encourage each other to grow and be better Christians! In this, we can inspire more people with the love of the Father and bring them into His kingdom so that someday the minority will become the majority and all praise, glory, and honor will go to the Father!

    Romans 5:17 (TPT) // Death once held us in its grip, and by the blunder of one man, death reigned as king over humanity. But now, how much more are we held in the grip of grace and continue reigning as kings in life, enjoying our regal freedom through the gift of perfect righteousness in the one and only Jesus, the Messiah!

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