1. Gosh Deep was sooo good (it’s always good😁) We should be excited and full of JOY!!! I really enjoyed both classes! Pastor Faith class on religion vs. relationship really has me checking myself, don’t keep God waiting, how could we ever make it about OUR performance or our things or our agenda!! Religion is a really ugly place to live, relationship is humble and selfless!!

  2. Deep was really good tonight!!!
    The church
    I really liked hearing about the early church!!! Their life was centered on Jesus!!! It wasn’t a Sunday, Wednesday thing it was their life!!! And how everyday they encouraged each other and helped each other out! I thought that was so powerful when there is unity God commands the blessing!!! As the church now we should be that same way!!! I really liked that!!!! I don’t have an extra toaster lol but I’m willing to give what I have for others!!!!

    Religion vs relationship
    Omg class was so good!!! My favorite part by far was the story of Jesus and woman caught in adultery in John 7 & 8!!!! Seriously I NEVER saw that or had the revelation I received tonight on that!!! All the disciples telling Jesus to go show off His power, but Him saying no I HAVE TO WAIT HERE!! Why? One woman was going to come tomorrow that needs Me 😭😭😭 I am crying all over again lol!!! Wow!!! He cares so deeply for the ONE!!!!! It wasn’t about self, it wasn’t about showing off, He knew He had to wait for the one woman who was going to receive from Him!! Who was going to need love and forgiveness!!
    My second favorite part was the story of the rich young ruler! I hadn’t really read into it the way it was shared before!!! Even how he approached Jesus was just so charismatic and ugly!!! But at the end of the story when PF said “who walked away? RELIGION!!” That just was like WOW!!! Jesus was waiting there but the man chose to leave!!! Religion leaves the Father waiting. Gosh that was really eye opening!!! Like I’m not just “procrastinating” I’m leaving Him waiting and thank God he didn’t do that to us!!!! Thank God He waited!!

  3. Gosh!!!!! Deep was amazing. Both classes. It’s really having me examine myself.. we should be Like the early church. Our entire lives being centered on Jesus ❤️ And keeping ourselves in a relationship and not in religion. Not about ourselves, serving others and keeping our eyes on Him. I want to be child like and so unaware of anything but HIM. And, never leave him waiting. That story in the Bible blessed me and the man in first service blessed me. God loves each of us and is waiting so patiently. I love him so much. I desire to be closer to Him. He is my priority ❤️

  4. Deep was So so good !!! I’m going
    Over my notes and it’s just so good !

    Living a life of relationship means I’m focused on HIM and not on ME! I love this. It’s so so simple. It’s HIM all day. No show no gold star for my performance. It’s HIM.

    If Jesus comes back tonight I want to CONFIDENTLY know I gave him my ALL today ! That is so good. Again , it’s all for him💖💖

    Relationship fills their vessel with HIM!
    What I do in my own self will alter my ability to be used by HIM!
    I want his way. I don’t want to do jack in my own self . I don’t want to miss his plan bc I was busy doing mine !

    I want there to be supernatural power behind my prayers . I want the world to see sincere in me. Something different that they want !

    I position myself as his CHILD! I am child , he is DADDY!

    **Desire must be reinforced with intimacy or it will turn into performance !
    Gosh!!!! I will be intimate with my daddy!!!

  5. GOSHHH DEEP KEEPS GETTING BETTER & BETTER… here are some of the things that really spoke to me…
    I liked when it said how the new church looked- they were spiritually and naturally free from bondage; confident and dependent upon Jesus not their works- THE CHURCH WITHIN TOOK CARE OF ONE ANOTHER…. PK mentioned also GOD HATES STRIFE IN MARRIAGE- Avoid it….

    PF- GOSHHHHHH 😭😭😭 I’m so grateful for this Class… LIKE GRATEFUL!!! I’m to live my life Simply focused on Him & not me… RID OF SELF!!! HIM BEING MY DESIRE….. NO ONE HAS EVER LOVED ME LIKE HE HAS; the love I’ve gained to experience through knowing Him has been a game changer. I’m grateful! I AM HIS KID- he is my daddy! FLESH=FLAKY.. I refuse this… HUMILITY ATTRACTS PEOPLE! I need HIM!!!!!! One day at a time I’ll continue KNOWING HIM & DEPENDING UPON HIM FOR EVERYTHING

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