1. Nightlife was so good!! Here are some of my highs

    during offering time PD said John 16:33-I CAN BE OF GOOD CHEER NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE IM HIM.. speak life-WHAT I SAY MATTERS… When I honor Him he will work for me Supernaturally.. & when he said this HE ISNT A MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE.. Ive heard this before but this time in a different way-IT BECAME REAL TO ME… I CAN TRUST HIM…. if he said it I BELIEVE IT… I dont have to be rushed.. CAUSE IM ALREADY BLESSED.. goshhhhh so good to me!!
    WHATEVER STATE IM IN IM BLESSED!!! I will stay humble and seek his face… Part of obedience doesnt mean your perfect. THIS ISNT ABOUT PERFECTION but staying humble and focusing on HIM.. EVERYTHING I DO I WILL DO WITH HIM IN MY MIND AS IF IM DOING IT FOR HIM.. HE WANTS MY HEART NOT MY SACRAFICE…. Doing it your own way will cost you but doing it HIS WAY wont.. I Just purpose to continue seeking HIM and one day at a time growing and learning..


  2. Jesus gave his life of his own free will and he’s asking us of our own free will, to make our bodies a living sacrifice.
    We all need to do our part to honor God where we are.
    Love doesn’t talk, Love does.
    If you do what God tells you to do, you’ll be too busy to do anything else that is worthless.
    Obedience doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but it’s all God is looking for.
    You can’t make up through sacrifice what you’ve lost by disobedience.

  3. I am a steward of everything an owner of nothing. I own nothing but the opportunity to steward what I have been given. You can never make up through sacrifice what you’ve lost through disobedience.

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