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  1. As I went through my notes here are some thing that stuck out to me-

    Pks class- WE SHOULD BE FULL OF JOY!!! He has done so much for us…THERES MORE! Tradition is of no effect! The heart of the Father is that none be lost. HE WANTS HIS HEART TO BE MINE..People should see Jesus in me not me. HE LOVES ME.. HE LOVES ME.. HE LOVES ME! There is no one like me and I have a purpose and place in the church that only I can fill. That so so ministered to me! I’m grateful! His love outweighs those who have turned their backs on me-IM GRATEFUL! Me and GOD ARE A MAJORITY!

    PCs class- I am endeavoring time REMOVE OBLITERATE the words want and need from my vocabulary! Pastor Charity was so on point regarding everything she said about that being a word that we as His kids should have in our mouths…. WE ARE HIS KIDS & as his kids we don’t want or need for nothing! I’m grateful! In want your not in love but in fear and your faith can’t work which means when you hear the word it goes in one ear out the other- DISTRACTED! Goshhh! So good to me! Desire to dominate- GOSHHH, yess! When he transforms you signs follow! The more casual you are the more complacent you’ll be- I REFUSE!!!!!!

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