Coffee w/PK 10.13.20

We had a great time at Coffee with Pastor Kathy today! Such a big statement was “Prayer is an earthly license for heavenly interference!” Have you been licensing heaven to work in your life?! How can you, if you haven’t been?

Did you have a favorite statement? Did something stand out to you? Let us know about it! Let’s grow together!

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  1. Coffee w- PK was SO GOOD! As I listened to it what really stuck out to me was CONTINUE.. DONT GIVE UP PATRICIA!!!! DO NOT QUIT!!! THIS WILL BE MY BEST END OF THE YEAR I HAVE EVER HAD YET!!!! I EXPECT!!!!! Our flesh has not right to control us-instead we control our flesh.. Keys give me authority, power, access, freedom, control and ownership. THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM AFFECTS CHANGE AND FUNCTION..So we can function on this earth. PRAY PRAY PRAY PATRICIA!!!! PRAYER IS POWERFUL! I so liked all the Hindrances she mentioned-WOW!!! I will put HIM in remembrance of HIS WORD.. He listens waiting for the word to come out of my mouth!!! SUCH A GREAT MESSAGE!! IM GRATEFUL!!!

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