Sunday, October 18, 2020

Service was soo good today! Jesus didn’t use the catch-phrases of the day or the wisdom of the elite and wealthy, but the only thing that lasts: THE WORD OF GOD!!!! The Word is the only thing that can make a difference! How are you going to start using the Word of God more? What was your favorite part of service?


  1. I was in first service and this message was great! My favorite statement from today was “The less devil (stealing, killing, and destroying) I hear/have the better I will be.” This really spoke to me as the Holy Spirit said to kick it up a notch by filtering every i look at and listen to by questioning if it has to do with killing, stealing, and/or destroying my relationship and growth with God. If it doesn’t promote God then I don’t want it!

  2. Jumpstart:
    I surrender to the REALITY of CHRIST IN ME.
    I relinquish control.

    Lack of discipline behind closed doors sends the wrong message to my kids. I will be genuine honest and sincere. We will be disciplined and have the right priorities behind closed doors. We will show our children a mom and dad who are totally in love with Jesus.

    1st svc

    If I don’t put my eyes on the media then I don’t have to deal with it. I become more and more selective in what I allow in my soul thru my eyes and ears !

    If “ IS IS WRITTEN” isn’t enough , then we have nothing else

    The word is the only only hope. I will get my eyes off the world and onto JESUS and the word only!!!

  3. JS// Compromise affects Clarity. Am I leading myself and doing things my own way or am I allowing myself to be lead by Him. To Relinquish control of everything is to Fully Surrender to Him. Man in my own life don’t let my part be what’s not lead by Him. I will only move when He says to move. Father show me anything that is hidden in me🤦‍♂️.

  4. Jump start// You are led by you or him…there’s no in between. Discipline comes from an eternal stimulus religion is motivated by the fear of man. The only thing Jesus did not kill on the cross was my flesh. I am rewarded according to my obedience. My maturity is tied to my voices. If I don’t do it then God will find someone else who will. I’m ultimately working for him.

    Service highs// Only the word of God can change the heart of a man. If it is written isn’t enough then we have nothing else. Look at things that make a difference. The church needs to step it up. I don’t have to be concerned about anything because he paid for everything. God will reverse the curse. My heart should make me different; I should look different.

    Third service was awesome! So grateful for pastors who are so vulnerable and honest just because they love us and want us to get it. So grateful for chooselife church ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Church was so good!! IM GRATEFUL! Here are some things that really really ministered to me-

    Jumpstart- I’m either led by HIM or me… if I allow other people to Move me that is fear of man- I REFUSE! I will be led by HIM!!!! If I don’t have direction from him what do I have?? NOTHING, seriously! The HS will lead me to the place of surrender and it will produce victory and there will be persecution. I SURRENDER ALL…. EVERYTHING.. I can’t do A THING WITHOUT HIM & I don’t want to. IM ASKING HIM- SHOW ME, ME.. I want no part of me.. I’m surrendering to the reality of Christ in Me. I mess things up when me and me are the priority. I DIE DAILY to my flesh SO I CAN REALLY LIVE!!! Seriously I’m just grateful for truth so that I can daily move outside of any part of me that’s me motivated & totally consumed by the reality that I AM IN HIM!!!

    2nd Service- I like when Pd said “when you honor him you’ll progress” & “when you bless people he’ll see you have resources!” SO GOOD!!! IF GOD IS FOR ME WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME! I refuse to have feeling you can hurt! Overcome evil with Good!

  6. Jumpstart::
    Compromise affects clarity, you will be either led by Him, or led by you.
    You’re not in surrender if you haven’t given up control.
    The flesh didn’t die on the cross, it has to be killed daily and put in check.
    Teaching becomes discipline

    Second Service::
    Don’t have feelings that anyone can hurt
    We as the church, need to step up and take advantage of what we are given authority over.
    Do not be ashamed of the truth!

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